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Who is the true owner?

If someone (lets call this person P1) rightfully, under Nozick’s first principle*, claims a piece of unowned land and using wood from trees already on the land now belonging to P1, constructs a house for him to live in does the house belong to P1?
Later on another person (lets call this person P2) comes across P1 and his/her house and makes an offer on it. P1 refuses at first so P2 pulls out a gun and holds it at P1’s head, a second (reduced offer) is made and this time P1 accetps and hands ownership of the house and the land over to P2. Under Nozick’s second principle** is P2 now the new legal owner of the land and house?
*Nozick’s first principle: any unowned object can have a claim of ownership staked upon it through the stage of initial acquisition.
**Nozick’s second prinicple: owned objects can only be passed on by mutual agreement between the owner and the receiver this is known as the stage of voluntary transfer.
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