First Dialogue of Zhi-Guan

Mo-Yi: “Good day Lao-Zhu”

Lao-Zhu: “Yes good day to you too, yet it is not a good day”

Mo-Yi: “How so?”

Lao-Zhu: “Dark days loom on the horizon Mo-Yi for I shall soon lose my students, the state is making it harder for those in search of wisdom to seek me out.”

Mo-Yi: “That is terrible my friend”

Lao-Zhu: “Yes, and a teacher without students is like a king without a country”

Mo-Yi: “Surely a king without a country is not a king”

Zhi-Guan: “Not necessarily Mo-Yi”

Mo-Yi: “Ah hello Zhi-Guan good to see you again, do explain further how a king without a country can remain a king”

Lao-Zhu: “Yes please enlighten us”

Zhi-Guan: “Imagine a single person without any attachement to another, who would his ruler be”

Mo-Yi: “If he is the only person then he must be autonomous and therefore his own leader”

Zhi-Guan: “And a leader must give orders right?”

Mo-Yi: “That would appear to be the case”

Zhi-Guan: “So who is there to follow these orders?”

Mo-Yi: “If he is the only one then there is nobody to obey him”

Lao-Zhu: “No, if he is the only one then there is only he who can obey him, he becomes a law only unto himself”

Zhi-Guan: “so he is a position of authority, a law as such is he not?”

Lao-Zhu: “I can’t think of any better way of describing him”

Zhi-Guan: “So he is head of the state and the nation in which he governs over”

Lao-Zhu: “Indeed he becomes a nation-state”

Zhi-Guan: “And how many are there within this nationstate”

Mo-Yi: “One”

Zhi-Guan: “And how many rule the nationstate”

Mo-Yi: “Again one”

Zhi-Guan: “And as he is the only memeber of this nationstate is his rule aboslute without question”

Mo-Yi: “If there is no other to question his authority that must be the case”

Zhi-Guan: “Then the nationstate must be a monarchy”

Mo-Yi: “I guess it must be given the cirucmstances”

Zhi-Guan: “And the head of a monarchy is king right?”

Mo-Yi: “That is correct”

Zhi-Guan: “Well then Mo-Yi how could you now argue that a king without a country is not a king when we have deduced that solitary man can be king unto himself”

Mo-Yi: “It would appear that I was mistaken Zhi-Guan. I must thank you for showing me the error of my argument”

Lao-Zhu: “Although he does not have to consdiered a king there are other possibilities”

Zhi-Guan: “Indeed there is Lao-Zhu, for he could be regarded as a despot or an archduke or even a prince depending on how we wish to define this poor lonely mortal”

Mo-Yi: “Alas I must now depart it has been a pleasure to see you both”

Lao-Zhu: “I regret I too must take my leave but no doubt we shall speak again soon?”

Zhi-Guan: “I shall look forward to it. Goodbye for now my friends”

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