Magentic Personalities?

Greetings fans of wisdom and those who question the reign of doxa. I was enjoying a meal at the chinese resturant the other day, I shall spare you the details of the meal itself as it is irrelevant, however when it came to the end I had a fortune cookie which inside contained the message “You possses a magnetic personality”. Now this got me thinking, just what exactly is meant by a magnetic personality? If something is magnetic it emits a field which either attracts or repels objects made from iron, nickel or cobalt and also deflects forms of energy found within the electromagnetic specturm (microwaves, radiowaves, infra-red, visible light, ultra-violet, x-rays and gamma rays).


So if I have a magnetic personality as the fortune cookie ensures me I do then either I can attract or repel people, or bend energy. Since I have no dominion over energy as I have yet to bend light to make myself invisible or bend ultra-violet to stop myself from catching sunburn I guess it means the former rather than the latter.


Right then so my personality allows me to attract or repel others…now correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t every type of peronsality have the potential to attract and repel others? So everyone has a magnetic peronsality in which case it becomes meaningless to say I have a magnetic personality as it means the same as I have a personality. The fact that it is magnetic is bound within the very properties of a personality making the term magnetic personality tautologous.  Sorry cookie as much as I enjoy your little nuggets of insight on this occasion I believe you have failed to enlighten…unless you intended me to question your very statement to discover this hidden truth within.


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