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Third Dialogue of Zhi-Guan

Kina-Chan: I apologize Lao-Zhu voice of wisdom for interrupting your talk but I have been sent by those who have heard of your name in order to seek the answer to my problem.

Lao-Zhu: In which case young one your are in luck as my guest is Zhi-Guan whose wisdom excels even my own. I am sure whatever turmoil brings you our way he shall be able to heal.

Kina-Chan: I wish to understand the purpose of life?

Lao-Zhu: Then we must begin by asking what do you percieve it to be?

Kina-Chan: To seek out new epxeriences and embrace them with all our heart.

Zhi-Guan: And what about death?

Kina-Chan: That is to be avoided as this stops us seeking new experiences.

Zhi-Guan: But is death in itself not a new experience to the mortal man?

Kina-Chan: I guess it must for it can only be experienced the once, so any experience of death is new.

Lao-Zhu: So by your own admission Kina-Chan the purpose of life is to seek out death and embrace it.

Kina-Chan: I can see no way to deny that I have now led myself to this claim.

Lao-Zhu: Yet is it true or not that man seeks preservation of his life over the destruction of it?

Kina-Chan: Indeed what you say is true.

Lao-Zhu: Thus the purpose of life cannot be to die.

Zhi-Guan: And by extension it cannot be to seek out new epxeriences. There must be something else that provides meaning to life, however time is short and the list of alternatives is long, so I’m afraid as the sun is setting we must depart from this for now and leave you with the knowledge we have come across yet owe you the full argument.

Kina-Chan: Thank you. I shall look forward to that time Zhi-Guan

Lao-Zhu: As shall I my friend.

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