The Infinite Paradoxes of Infinity Explored

Firstly apologizes about the misleading title, I shall not be exploring an infinite number of paradoxes surrounding the concept of infinity, however I shall be exploring a small number of mathematical abnormalities involving infinity which can lead to some bizarre, yet valid, conclusions. To begin with let us look at the phenomenon of diving 0 by 0…

I trust we are all familiar with the simple laws of mathematics which state that whenever a set number (we shall call this X) is divided by the same exact number the answer must always be 1, thus X/X=1

Another law states that whenever 0 by any given number (X) the answer must always be 0, hence 0/X=0

Thirdly yet another law claims that whenever a given number (X) is divided by 0 the answer must always be , therefore X/0=

So by combining all these laws by making 0/0 then we end up with a strange occurence as in this case X=0 so the answer must be 1, also as X/0 and 0/X are also being used here the answer must simultaneously be 0 and making 0=1=.

From this we can now validly argue that -1 is smaller than ∞ (not that this was doubted beforehand) but more absurdly 2 is greater than ∞. Let us now move onto the second abnormality mathematics throws at us which I am going to explore…

This time only two laws are being called into question, the first being that whenever a given number (X) is raised to the power of 0 the answer shall always be 1. And whenever a 0 is raised to any given power (X) the answer shall always 0.

If you are wise you might have guessed where this is leading, if we make X=0 then by raising 0 to the power of itself then the answer must, in order to obey both laws, relinquish the answers both 0 and 1 simultaneously, similar to the situation previously with the 0/0 scenario. This is further evidence to suggest (and once again validly so) that 0 and 1 are equal to each other or to put it another way something is always equal to nothing and vice versa. This being the case then, and now the logic becomes a bit shaky, claims that something arrives from nothing is no longer an absurd proposition, furthermore if this new statement proves to be sound then any argument for a self-creating God or universe (that is to say any entity which generates itself out of nothing) is logically possible given the mathematical proof just been provided.

The underlying for this idea that self-creating objects can arrive out of nothing…think back to the beginning was it not validly argued that 0 and 1 both equal ? So then if out of nothing something emerges as nothing and something are the same thing, then this is because within nothing everything is contained and within something everything is also contained so both nothing and something hold an infinite potential. And on this final twist I shall say thank you for reading. Keep a watch out for next month’s article, and don’t forget to comment.

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