Emma West’s Racist Outburst…Expression of Liberty or License?

It has been recently annouced in the news in the UK and thanks to YouTube and other internet media probably the whole world now that  thrity-four year old Emma West made a very racist annoucement on a packed tram. For those who have not yet seen it…[if easily offended I recommend not viewing the clip].

Not that I agree with anything Emma said in the youtube clip but it does raise an improtant question. Where does freedom of speech fit inside all of this?

Before I briefly discuss the issue I will explain what I mean by the terms liberty and license. Liberty is defined as being “freedom, a right or privalige”[1] by the Oxford Dictionary, and within politcal philosophy it is also used to mean; political freedom, a right. License however is defined as being “freedom to do as you like”[2], or to put it another way; liberty in need of, but without, censorship, hence when liberty is left untamed it crosses a particular line where it beings to become dangerous to the liberties of others and that is where liberty becomes license. So now this has been established let us look at the incident in question…

Theorictally Emma should be able to express her views as she has done without fear of persecution due to her freedom of speech, on the other hand liberty untamed leads to, in cases like this, extremist groups such as the British Nationalist Party [BNP] (other groups also exist including the English Defence League [EDL]) banding together to persecute ethnic minorites, whom when banded together make up a significant proportion of Britain’s populous today and help support Britain by contributing to the economy by working hard and paying thier taxes. Of course there will be, as always is the case, those who are milking the system but that is true for Brits also some work hard others milk the system. Alas I divulge the point I am trying to make here is where exactly does freedom of speech end and where does license begin? In my very honest opinion Emma’s outburst falls very close to that borderline where liberty becomes license, as to which side of that line it falls it I shall leave you to decide.

[1] Pg 358 ,Oxford Mini Dictionary, (2002), New York: Oxford University Press

[2] Ibid

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  1. A Black Mans Rant – Morris Voice Over Only

    A Subscriber suggested a Rant I should make – instead I read out his suggestion – which centers on the violence of the White Man.

    • Thanks for sharing. Certainly white people have played part in some of the most vicious acts in human history but it did omit certain points such as the Mongolian hoards who swept through Asia under Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan, current conflicts in the Middle East where nations are feuding based on racial and religious reasons to name but two. Although it did alude to this by pointing out that both black and white people are not perfect (not expressed in them exact words). I don’t think racism is something built just into white races but into humanity as a whole, and that is something we all need to think about changing.

  2. Unbelievably ignorant of the rabid woman to say the one black woman is not British. Britain is a union, and thus British is a nationality. What she means to say is that the woman is not English, which is a ethnicity. Nevertheless, an absolutely unnecessary and pathetic expression of nonsense. I am very much surprised that more people did not say something. Regardless of colour.

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