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Fifth Dialogue of Zhi-Guan

Zhi-Guan takes his usual afternoon stroll through the cherry blossom where he comes across Kina-Chan weeping softly into the gentle spring breeze…

Zhi-Guan: “Kina-Chan my good friend what foul action of the heavens has moved you to such emotion this day?”

Kina-Chan: “A soul close to my heart no longer walks on this plane. I weep for her return which I know shall never come.”

Zhi-Guan: “I see. Death is often unjust in his acts, and equally as unjust in his inactions. But I tell you this in hope it lands on listening ears, do not mourn the dead for they are no longer with us to praise your waste of energy. Instead celebrate the fact they are now gone.”

Kina-Chan: “You monster! How can you remain so stoic in your resolve as you speak such vile words.”

Zhi-Guan: “If you would spare me the time I will be happy to explain my reasoning”

Kina-Chan: “Very well Zhi-Guan. I trust your wisdom so I shall offer you my fullest attention.”

Zhi-Guan: “Thank you. My case comes in two parts. The first regards the deceased. You see life is full of pains, tragedies and regrets all of which weigh upon the soul like lead, when Death calls he is merciful in the fact that he offers to remove our heavy burdens and make us free once more, all he asks in return is we hand over the mortal vessel which binds us to this plane. Once the transaction is complete your soul is free once more from pain, from suffering, from the troubles of mortallity. Even if the next plane holds nothingness and void is that not better than continued pain?”

Kina-Chan: “I guess. But life is also full of pleasure, friendships and worthwhiles do you suggest we ignore them in our calculations all because of some pain?”

Zhi-Guan: “Not at all. But all too often the negatives outwiegh the postives and Death leaves the postives with us to take care of in our memories he is in fact more merciful than people first think.”

Kina-Chan: “Very well I guess I can accept your words so far. You mentioned there is to be two parts. Please let me hear the second.”

Zhi-Guan: “Indeed this is to be a second, although it is more cut-throat and egoistic than the first.”

Kina-Chan: “Proceed still and I shall try not to hold it against you.”

Zhi-Guan: “We exist on a planet holding 7 billion, a planet growing tired and weak as we leech off its life-force like some rampant parasite. Together we have exhausted food sources by hunting our fellow beasts to extinction, poisoned oceans, soils and skies through our usage of toxins derived from the underbelly of the planet all of which has reduced the flora and fauna we use for shelter, food and binding of the land.  Fuels are now scarce thanks to our over-indulgence of luxurious living so soon fire will burn cold. In short we have collectively brought dischord to the elements, fire now cold, air now toxic, water has become acid and soil deadly posion. We must start to look after ourselves in we our to survive and fight against all those who move in on our share of resources.”

Kina-Chan: “Where does this fit into why I should not mourn the dead?”

Zhi-Guan: “It is precisely the fact that they are dead which is the cause of celebration. Once deceased what need for their resources do they have?”

Kina-Chan: “None.  Now I see so by taking Death’s hand we can move in and make claim to thier resources and celebrate one less drain on the planet.”

Zhi-Guan: “Precisely. As horrid as this may sound.”

Kina-Chan: “Thank you for your time Zhi-Guan. I cannot say I completly agree, but I can honestly say I have taken some slight comfort in your wisdom. I must now walk on for time drfits by and despite one life ending many more must still continue else all shall fall into decay.”

Zhi-Guan: “Until next time then my friend.”


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