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Thoughts of a Bus Journey Home

Whilst sitting on the bus home today after a tiring day at work trying to avoid looking out at the wet and dreary scences t’other side of the window by diving into the musings of Milton a strange thought crossed my mind…It wasn’t until Adam and Eve consumed from the forbidden tree that they came to understand and know good, evil, guilt and repentence meaning before that point they had no concept of morallity thus being creatures of amorality.

Therefore God created good and evil but created man beyond good and evil, hence amoral, yet with free will and it was by our own free will (with a little nudge from a third party) that man choose to become immoral by going against God’s will and eating from the forbidden tree. A act Adam and Eve then felt ashamed of. Question. Why then if man was born amoral do we choose to be immoral? Why step inside the complexities of right and wrong when we had a simple life free from that?

This lead to a second, but not altogether distant, train of thought. New borns are brought into the world with no understanding of right or wrong, thus are born amoral. It is only as they get older that they develop a sense of good and evil through the mind-set imposed upon them by experience, society and parental guidance. So not only do we freely choose to make oursleves slaves to morality but we ensure that others of our kind follow suit. Another question arises. Why then are we not content we living are own lives within morallity? Why must we feel a need to drag others in with us? One possible answer I can come up with which throws some sense to this dilemma is that living within morallity makes us somehow superior, but then how does making our lives complicated in this fashion make us superior to beings of amorality?

So many questions and so few answers…any ideas guys?

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