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Exchange of Letters Between Man & God

Dear God, our almighty lord and creator.

Although we are far from you omniscient wisdom please answer us these few questions.

We pray for peace.

We beg of for happiness.

We grovel humbly at your feet for compassion.

Yet all we get given is war, famine, plague and pestilence.

Far be it from us to question your actions your almighty grace,

But please tell us what have we done to deserve such a fate?

Your loyal followers, for now and forever.

The peoples of Earth.

Dear mortals of the planet you call Earth
It has come to my attention that some of you are beginning to wonder why I have let terrible things happen to you, well the answer if quite simple.

After I created you those many moons ago I turned my back for a few moments whilst I made the final perfections to the rest of creation.

What did I find when I came back?

You had murdered my only son, poisoned my seas,

Torn down my forests,

Blocked out the sun with vile smog

And hunted my other creations to extinction.

And you still have to ask what you have done to cause me to let such tragedies strike you down?
Yours Sincerely

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