Offshot Reflection on the Holocaust

*disclaimer* By posting this I am in no way trying to justify what happened or make the Nazi’s seem to be any less the bad guys than they were. This is purely a posing thought/question that occured to me.

During WWII and the final solution imagine yourself being a Jew living in one of the concentration camps set up as a means of torture and mass murder of your people. How bad your life must have been at that time. Now imagine how many of them would have warmly welcomed the gas chambers as it meant an escape from another day…week…month…year of bitter cold, starvation, torture and all the agonising pains that came with it all. How many of them would have considered it to be a form of euthanasia instead of murder? Tis a very sorry state of affairs when death comes to be seen in that sense instead of the way the Nazis intented it.

Just goes to show that ALL things are relative!

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