What Makes Villains Appealing?

Firstly an apology to my dedicated fans and followers. Due to some technical issues I neglected my duties and failed to post last month, for that I apologise to you all with great sincerity.

Secondly two months ago I published a piece on why heroes appeal to us… click here to read

This time I shall be looking into the flip-side of the issue. What makes villains appeal to us? Before I begin however I would like to point out that this second part came about as a collaboration with the Artistic Maiden one of my co-workers who aid me from time by either by working on articles with me or working on individual projects for me to post on here. Now onto the article.

It would appear that unlike our love for the hero which stems from them overcoming difficulties as a mere ordianry man/woman in order to ascend into the ubermensche, which taps into our psyche and shakes us into having some hope we too can become heroes, our fascination for the villain is rooted in a darker level of our subconscious. It stems from our Id. The arrogant part of our psyche which, completly selfish, wants our desires to be achieved and will go to any length (destructive or creative) to make them happen. Thus it is in the villains, arrogance in their belief that all their plans shall come to fruition and they remain unstoppable right up to the very moment of them demise that our fondness for such charcaters emerges. That and their superiortiy complex which tags at the heartstrings of the Ego a second part of our psyche, the part which is meant to restrain the Id by feeding it tit bits of what it seeks.

By this what I mean is the Ego by allowing us to take delight in the villains wickedness it satisfies the needs of the Id enough to postpone any extreme outburst boiling away under our cool, calm, collected surface.

So whenever we indulge in a storyline of any sort it is channeling the ragin war within our psyche into the external, physical world in a safe manner so that the Superego may seek out the path to heroshipm the Id can puruse it wicked desires and the Ego feels inflated for having succesfully maintained a healthy balance between the two and the acceptance of those around us in the external.

Once again my apologies for the missing post from last month, and as usual feel free to comment.

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