Welcome friend to my little corner of cyberspace, I am moleboi (aka the wind scholar) and you have discovered my treasure trove where I keep my ideas and thoughts. All comments are welcome and encouraged, the more thought provoking the better, so let’s try and get some discussion going on the various topics I write about, and I promise to reply to every comment even if it takes me a while to come up with a valid argument in response.

Whilst I specialise in psychology, political theory and ethics I also have a few colleagues working with me here, including the paladin (specialising in ethics, theology and philosophy), the sainted alchemist (specialising in chemistry and Catholicism) and the feline enigma (specialising in music theory, philosophy and political theory).

I am also currently in talks to expand my list of companions to include a specialise on gender theory and a specialist in mathematics and computing.

 That pretty much brings things up to the current day. Many thanks for stopping by to read the articles I have posted. I look forward to your replies.

P.S Please remember to subscribe. Thanks

And for those of you looking for something a little more light-hearted I have recently started a YouTube channel for gaming and reviews. You can check that out here:

  1. Hey Moleboi,

    Are you familiar with the Coherence model of breathing from Stephen Elliott — you can find out more at

    Check out the information on the Thoracic Pump that offloads the circulation workload from the heart and uses diaphragmatic breathing to more effectively pump blood.

    I find the Coherence model strongly in synch with zazen and meditation breathing — and it offers another dimension to it, with the active balancing of the autonomic nervous system through the conscious use of breath.

    I think you may appreciate it, with your interest and focus on cardiac health. There are a bunch of newsletters you can read at


  2. Great bio… little concern, however; you’ve misspelled “education”. I’m quite cerain that ’twas a mistake. 🙂

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