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Seventh Diaologue of Zhi-Guan

[As the evening sun begins to gently fall behind the horizon Zhi-Guan and Mo-Zi are sat under the pagoda sipping on some lapsang and conversing when they see Tian-Zhu pass by]

Mo-Zi: Tian-Zhu my friend you look as though you carry great burden come join us, maybe one of us can be of aid.

Tian-Zhu: Thank you, I do indeed have a dilemma and pray your wisdom will bring me comfort.

Mo-Zi: Then tell us of your trouble in that we may find some remedy.

Tian-Zhu: My faith tells me that I must condemn those who enjoy their own kind as bedfellows, yet I find the number of whom I must condemn increasing as time goes on. I wonder as to why sin has come to spread in such great a plague.

Mo-Zi: Althogh I cannot agree with your faith Tian-Zhu I do understand your question. You wish to understand why there seem to be a greater number of homosexuals now than there have been.

[Tian-Zhu nods solemnly]

Mo-Zi: Well let us try to work towards an answer. There is now a greater population than before right?

Tian-Zhu: Right. Roughly seven billion now.

Mo-Zi: So theat would suggest all social groups would grow, would it not?

Tian-Zhu: I would have to agree yes. However this seems to be a greater growth than would be expected from your reasoning.

Mo-Zi: I see. Then let us take a different train of thought. You say seven billion people, yet the planet’s resources can only support five and a half billion adequately.

Tian-Zhu: I belive that to be correct, you are most learned on the subejct.

Mo-Zi: Thank you my friend however that is common knowledge. What I suggest is then that homosexuality is nature’s way of controlling the population. As the planet’s resources get strained nature tries to cut back on the number of humans capable of procreating.

Tian-Zhu: That seems like a fair answer, although not one that seems will with my faith.

Zhi-Guan: Maybe so but I do not accept that nature employ that method. I reason that if that were to be the case then nature would lower the number of fertile females, thus decreasing the liklihood of procreating.

Mo-Zi: But there would still be a significant number of males all of which could mate with the females over and over so the problem would not be fixed.

Zhi-Guan: You forget one thing my friend, humans are by nature monogomous creatures and will only mate with a special, chosen partner. This trait has been exhibited for millenia now.

Mo-Zi: You have me there Zhi-Guan once again I am defeated by your wisdom.

Tian-Zhu: Wise as he is this has not given my the answer I sought.

Zhi-Guan: Our apologies Tian-Zhu, perhaps your faith and our wisdom do have blind spots to which we cannnot fathom just yet.

Mo-Zi: I agree we may be wise but our wisdom is only limited.

Tian-Zhu: I guess I must trust in my Lord on this one. Good evening my friends.

[Tian-Zhu bows respectfully before making his leave]


A Possbile Explanation for Homosexuality within Freudian Theory

Many thanks to those who helped me on this one. Without you I would never have got as far with this as I have.

Freudian theory states our mind is divided into three portions; Id, Ego and Superego with the Id being divided into two sub-divisions, the Eros and Thanatos drives. I will not go into too much detail here about this but if you are unfamiliar with Freud you read my earlier work on Freud here…click me….and now onto the main topic for this discussion

At birth we are born with only pure Id but we develop the other two components over time through a series of phases known as our psycho-sexual development. During each phase of this development the Id channels a sexual energy called libido towards a different erogenous zone where it is focused (cathexed) upon that zone making it the centre of our attention and gratification, beginning with the oral phase in which the ego emerges in order to channel libido to the mouth. Following this comes the sadistic-anal phase before the first of two genital phases; this one is known as the phallic phase. After the phallic phase boys and girls separate off into what is known as the Oedipus and Elektra complexes respectively. It is around this phase that the Superego forms itself into a psychic entity capable of challenging the Id. After this comes a latent phase as the Superego denies all desires from the Id until puberty where the final stage commences, known as the genital stage.

1. Oral phase – libido cathexed onto the mouth
2. Sadistic anal phase – libido cathexed onto the anus in the form of denial
3. Phallic phase – libido cathexed onto the phallus
4. Oedipus/Elektra complex – libido cathexed onto the parent of the opposite gender
5. Latent phase – id placed into temporary suspension
6. Genital phase – libido cathexed onto the genitals and the genitals of others

You will notice that the fourth stage involves the libido being focused on the parent of the opposing gender, and this is possibly where the source of homosexuality lies. As it is during the Oedipus complex that the son develops sexual feelings towards his mother but fears that if he makes a move his father would intervene, to circumvent this the son will start mimicing the father in attempt to win his mother’s affections, hence tricking her into making the first move.

In some cases however I suggest that some confusion sets in and so instead of mimicing the father the son will shift his libido onto the father thinking that by loving the father the mother’s affections will be won as she too loves the father. Here now the son’s sexual energy will be placed upon a male figure instead of female…and as this is the last acitve stage before adolescence it wuold be critical in shaping the sexuality of the child in question.

As for females, they suffer the Electra complex where they suffer from penis envy as they become aware that the father has a penis but they do not but desperatly desire one. Thus they focus their libido onto the father and mimic the mother in attempt to win the father affections and obtain his penis.

A similar confusion occurs here. The daughter instead of mimicing the mother will shift her libido onto the mother in the same way the son will shift it to his father in order to obtain what he desires. Thus the daughter’s libido will be focused upon a female figure instead of a male at this vital stage within the psycho-sexual development.

Sixth Dialogue of Zhi-Guan

Zhi-Guan was sat taking afternoon tea when Tian-Zhu came towards him, a look of concern etched into his features.

Tian-Zhu: “Zhi-Guan my apologies for disrupting your quiet meditations but I seek your advice. See man is increasingly being cirrupted by the sin of homosexuality. How can I show them the error of their ways and deliver them into God’s forgiving light?”

Lowering his cup Zhi-Guan answered

Zhi-Guan: “Perhaps it is not them who are at error my friend.”

Tain-Zhu: “How can you say this Zhi-Guan‽ God did not allow for such sin in his design.”

Taking another sip of tea Zhi-Guan pondered momentarily

Zhi-Guan: “This god of yours is he perfect?”

Tian-Zhu: “Yes. Of course”

Zhi-Guan: “So in being perfect he must be infalliable?”

Tian-Zhu: “That would follow so.”

Zhi-Guan: “And this god is it the ultimate creator, the first cause of all? Heavens and Earth? Man and beast? Flora and fauna?”

Tian-Zhu: “That is true. Why do you ask of me such simple truths?”

Zhi-Guan: “If what you say about your god is true my friend then your god purposefully designed some of his creations to be, corrupted as you say, by homosexuality. Unless that is you now deny his infalliablity and in doing so his perfection.”

Tian-Zhu: “That is unfair of you Zhi-Guan for you know as a devout disciple of the Lord I cannot deny him those attributes.”

Zhi-Guan: “My apologies it was not intent to bully you in such way. Let us perhaps take a new angle. A perfect god devises, as you say, ‘creations plagued by sin’ then it would seem this was done for a reason.”

Tian-Zhu: “I cannot think of such a reason.”

Zhi-Guan: “No? Fortunatly I can my friend. This god wants you to strive for moral goodness, a purity of soul, right?”

Tian-Zhu: “Correct.”

Zhi-Guan: “So to help instill moral goodness your god promises a seat within the heavens. A little encouragement to get man to freely choose moral goodness. But what of those who freely choose not to despite his encouragement.”

Tian-Zhu: “The lakes of sulphur await them in the afterlife.”

Zhi-Guan: “So there is a punishment of which to be feared?”

Tian-Zhu: “Exactly.”

Zhi-Guan: “Thus we have a potential reason. Your god throws in a small amount of sin to be punished by means of example for those not willing to follow moral goodness despite the encouragement they are given via reward. Therefore homosexuals are a deliberate part of god’s design, they are the rod where the promise of heaven is the carrot.”

Tian-Zhu: “If that be true then how can homosexuals ever reach heaven? There must be some way to save their souls from the sulphurous lakes”

Zhi-Guan: “If god created them as a means to push others towards the rightous path then he must have also set aside a place for them since they are not sinners by choice but sinners by his own design. Besides does your religion not preach repentence, forgiveness and absolution?”

Tian-Zhu: “True. It would seem that once again you have bested me old friend. I shall take my leave now so may get back to enjoying your tea, I do hope I have not taken so much of your time that has now turned cold. Until the next time we meet God be with you.”

Zhi-Guan: “Likewise Tian-Zhu.”

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