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Seventh Diaologue of Zhi-Guan

[As the evening sun begins to gently fall behind the horizon Zhi-Guan and Mo-Zi are sat under the pagoda sipping on some lapsang and conversing when they see Tian-Zhu pass by]

Mo-Zi: Tian-Zhu my friend you look as though you carry great burden come join us, maybe one of us can be of aid.

Tian-Zhu: Thank you, I do indeed have a dilemma and pray your wisdom will bring me comfort.

Mo-Zi: Then tell us of your trouble in that we may find some remedy.

Tian-Zhu: My faith tells me that I must condemn those who enjoy their own kind as bedfellows, yet I find the number of whom I must condemn increasing as time goes on. I wonder as to why sin has come to spread in such great a plague.

Mo-Zi: Althogh I cannot agree with your faith Tian-Zhu I do understand your question. You wish to understand why there seem to be a greater number of homosexuals now than there have been.

[Tian-Zhu nods solemnly]

Mo-Zi: Well let us try to work towards an answer. There is now a greater population than before right?

Tian-Zhu: Right. Roughly seven billion now.

Mo-Zi: So theat would suggest all social groups would grow, would it not?

Tian-Zhu: I would have to agree yes. However this seems to be a greater growth than would be expected from your reasoning.

Mo-Zi: I see. Then let us take a different train of thought. You say seven billion people, yet the planet’s resources can only support five and a half billion adequately.

Tian-Zhu: I belive that to be correct, you are most learned on the subejct.

Mo-Zi: Thank you my friend however that is common knowledge. What I suggest is then that homosexuality is nature’s way of controlling the population. As the planet’s resources get strained nature tries to cut back on the number of humans capable of procreating.

Tian-Zhu: That seems like a fair answer, although not one that seems will with my faith.

Zhi-Guan: Maybe so but I do not accept that nature employ that method. I reason that if that were to be the case then nature would lower the number of fertile females, thus decreasing the liklihood of procreating.

Mo-Zi: But there would still be a significant number of males all of which could mate with the females over and over so the problem would not be fixed.

Zhi-Guan: You forget one thing my friend, humans are by nature monogomous creatures and will only mate with a special, chosen partner. This trait has been exhibited for millenia now.

Mo-Zi: You have me there Zhi-Guan once again I am defeated by your wisdom.

Tian-Zhu: Wise as he is this has not given my the answer I sought.

Zhi-Guan: Our apologies Tian-Zhu, perhaps your faith and our wisdom do have blind spots to which we cannnot fathom just yet.

Mo-Zi: I agree we may be wise but our wisdom is only limited.

Tian-Zhu: I guess I must trust in my Lord on this one. Good evening my friends.

[Tian-Zhu bows respectfully before making his leave]

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